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Welcome to the CCCL

Our Mission -
The purpose of the College is to facilitate and encourage the association of outstanding lawyers who are distinguished for their skill, experience and high standards of professional and ethical conduct in the practice or teaching of construction law and who are dedicated to excellence in the specialized practice of construction law.

Through the association of such members in an environment of collegiality and good fellowship, the College shall strive to nurture, improve and enhance the practice and understanding of construction law.

Officers of the College

CCCL President
Derek Brindle, QC

Contact Infomation

c/o Singleton Urquhart LLP
Barristers & Solicitors
1200 - 925 W Georgia Street
Vancouver BC

V6C 3L2
Tel: (604) 682-7474
Fax: (604) 682-1283

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Immediate Past President
Howard Wise

Richard H. Shaban

Marina A. Pratchett, Q.C.

Olivier F. Kott

Program Co-Ordinator

T. Arthur Barry, Q.C.

Governors of the College

The Board of Governors includes all of the Officers listed above, all Past Presidents (as ex-officio fellows), as well as:

Matthew Alter

Lowell Westersund, Q.C.

John Logan

E. Jane Sidnell

Kenneth Crofoot

David Marr

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College News


The Canadian College of Construction Lawyers is proud to announce that on April 10, 2014 our Fellow, P. John Brunner, will be celebrating his 50th year anniversary of being called to the Ontario Bar.

We join his colleagues at Brunner and Lundy in recognizing his achievements and accomplishments practising law and being a member of the Ontario Bar for those 50 years, and we look forward to his continued participation in the College, and at the Bar, for many years to come.

Congratulations, John!

The Canadian College of Construction Lawyers would like to congratulate Fellow Douglas Stollery on his receiving a distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Alberta for his outstanding achievements that have earned him national and international prominence, on the eve of his retirement.

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Featured Article, November 2012


Harvey J. Kirsh2, Glaholt LLP

"Arbitration is essentially civilized warfare, except we do it in dark suits, and generally there is no blood"3



The Protocols

In 2010, the College of Commercial Arbitrators (“CCA”) published its landmark booklet entitled “Protocols for Expeditious, Cost-Effective Commercial Arbitration”4. Essentially, the Protocols observed that trial practices were being imported into the arbitration process and that arbitration was beginning to look just like litigation.

The Editors of the Protocols ultimately concluded that lengthy discovery, excessive claims for document production, multiple depositions of witnesses, and numerous motions contribute to greater expense and delays in the arbitration process. The primary recommendation was that “[a]rbitrators must aggressively manage the process from day one of their appointment”. The notion of “control”, particularly over the discovery process and the schedule, was paramount among their recommendations. And at its 2011 annual meeting, the CCA characterized the controlled case management technique as “muscular arbitration”.


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